Rahul targets Mayawati, Mulayam

Bahriach (UP): Targeting UP Chief Minister Mayawati and Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav, Rahul Gandhi today said they have "forgotten" the people after becoming big leaders and they "don`t feel for them".

"They-Mayawati and Mulayam- have become big leaders. They can travel in helicopters. But they do not feel angry now when they see sufferings. They do not feel anything when farmers` land spanning 2,000 km is taken away.

"That time has gone when these leaders used to feel for the people. They don`t feel anything when contractors are minting money. I have learnt many things from Mulayamji. But he is not there in your midst. He does not come to you. His anger (against injustice) is over," Gandhi said.

Addressing a rally here on the second day of his five-day tour, Gandhi said Congress-led government brought the land acquisition bill but it was prevented by opposition parties. "People were killed in Bhatta-Parsaul. What is happening in Uttar Pradesh? Samajwadi Party leaders are sitting in their rooms. Who brought the land acquisition bill? We brought it. Who is opposing it? The Opposition is doing that. They do not want you to gain," he said. He said Mayawati "does not bother about" what was happening in the state.

Claiming that he visited a hospital where there were no patients but a painting job was on due to her visit, he said the painters told him that they were doing it as the Chief Minister was visiting the hospital.

"There were no patients, no nurses, no doctors. But painting was on because the administration wanted to show her the hospital in good condition when she passes through the area. She does not know what is happening. She does not come to your house. She does not eat with you," he said. Taking a dig at Mulayam, he said, the SP chief aligned with former BJP leader Kalyan Singh for power in the last elections.

Emphasising that his party wanted to change Uttar Pradesh for the better, Gandhi said he was angry that Uttar Pradesh is lagging behind when other parts of the country were moving ahead at brisk pace. "People from UP are going to Maharashtra, Haryana, Delhi.
You drive taxi in Maharashtra, you build roads and metro in Delhi…our state is now lagging behind. We have to bring it back on track," he said.