Cassian Baliarsingh

On BJP Foundation Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said that the Bharatiya Janata Party is committed to freeing India from the culture of capitalism, communalism, corruption, cronyism, vote bank politics and dynasty politics.

PM Modi said that the party has always served with the motto of ‘Nation First’ and extended greeting to all party Karyakartas (workers) from across the length and breadth of India. 

Taking to his X handle, PM Modi shared a series of tweet and wrote, “Today, on the Sthapana Diwas of BJP, I extend my greetings to all fellow Party Karyakartas from across the length and breadth of India. I also recall with great reverence the hardwork, struggles and sacrifices of all those great women and men who built our Party over the years. I can say with great confidence that we are India’s preferred party, which has always served with the motto of ‘Nation First.’”

“It is a matter of great joy that BJP has made a mark for its development oriented outlook, good governance and commitment to nationalistic values. Powered by our Karyakartas, our Party embodies the aspirations and dreams of 140 crore Indians. The youth of India see our Party as one which can fulfil their aspirations and provide leadership to India in the 21st century,” the PM wrote.

“Be it in the Centre or the states, our Party has redefined good governance. Our schemes and policies have given strength to the poor and downtrodden. Those who were left on the margins for decades found a voice and hope in our Party. We have worked towards providing all-round development which has boosted ‘Ease of Living’ for every Indian,” he continued.

PM Modi further stated, “Our Party has also freed India from the culture of corruption, cronyism, casteism, communalism and vote bank politics, which was the hallmark of those who ruled the nation for the longest time. In today’s India, emphasis is on clean and transparent governance which ensures the fruits of development reach the poor without any discrimination.”

“We are also proud to be an integral part of the NDA, which manifests a perfect harmony between national progress and regional aspirations. The NDA is a vibrant alliance, encapsulating India’s diversity. We cherish this partnership and I am sure it will get even stronger in the times to come. India is all set to elect a new Lok Sabha. I am confident that the people are going to bless us with another term so that we can build on the ground covered in the last decade. I also convey my best wishes to all our BJP and NDA Karyakartas as they are working among people and elaborating on our agenda,” he concluded.

“On the foundation day of the BJP, I pay my respects to all my senior leaders, who gave the organisation nationwide expansion through their sacrifice, dedication and hard work. Heartiest wishes of the foundation day to all the workers. Under the leadership of PM Modi, all the BJP workers are moving ahead on the path of unprecedented victory in the upcoming general elections with the resolve to build a developed India...,” tweeted BJP National President JP Nadda.

Similarly, BJP National Vice President Baijayant Jay Panda extended wishes on the saffron party’s foundation day and wrote, “Heartiest greetings to all our workers and the countrymen on the foundation day of the world's largest political party, Bharatiya Janata Party. 'Party is bigger than individual and country is bigger than party', with this great nationalist ideology, BJP has dedicated its all to the national interest.”