Himansu Shekhar Rout

World Cancer Day was observed to create awareness about its prevention and promote healthy dietary habits. 
Tobacco consumption is said to be a major risk factor for cancers. Unhealthy dietary habits, inadequate physical activity and alcohol consumption are also viewed as other risk factors. 

Despite massive awareness programmes, cases of cancer have reportedly been growing in the country. And it has been a cause for concern for everyone.  

On the occasion, a cancer survivor along with children conducted an awareness campaign in Berhampur. For the last 10 years, Debananda Das, who has been battling with mouth cancer as a result of tobacco consumption, has been sensitizing people on the prevention of cancer on this day every year. Das, once a student leader in Khalikote College, has not given up the battle against cancer.

Speaking to OTV, he said, “I along with friends used to consume tobacco. As a result, I was affected by cancer. I don’t want to see people suffer because of bad habits that cause cancer. I am going through a lot of ordeal due to tobacco consumption. I have no teeth and gums. All was lost due to cancer.”

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He further stated, “I continue to raise public awareness on cancer and its causes. My main objective is that people do not commit the mistake I made by consuming tobacco. I have resolved that as long as I am alive, I will be sensitizing people about cancer.” 

Das urged youths to stay away from such bad habits – like tobacco and ghutka consumption.

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