Pradeep Pattanayak

He started his free coaching center with six students with the noble intention that no children should discontinue their studies due to poverty. Now his coaching center has 120 students and managed to create its own identity in the locality. 

A young businessman of Junagarh town in Kalahandi district, Deepak Ranjan spent his childhood days in difficulties. Poverty stood between him and his desire for higher study. Now, he owns a sweet stall in the town. 

One day he decided to set up a coaching center where free coaching would be provided to the slum children so that they shouldn’t experience the problems he had undergone. His wife Sitarani Sahoo and other family members stood behind him.

Six months ago, the coaching center was started with only six children. During the initial days, they had to visit door to door asking the parents to send their children to the center for free coaching. And their labour started paying dividends. Soon their center became the favourite place of local slum children. Now the center is in the right direction. As of now, as many as 120 children are coming to the center. 

“We have named our center Vision 2047. It is so because we wish the children now coming to our center would be of 24 years old in 2047. And then, they would come out as good citizens of India and have a role in the nation-building,” said Deepak. 

Echoing the same, his wife Sitarani said, “He (her husband) says our focus should be those students who are poor in the study.  I fully agreed with him. If we can do something for these children it will give us immense happiness.”

The coaching center starts at 4 pm and opens till 6 pm. After returning from school, students come to the center for two hours. The center has students from Class I to Class X. 

For the success of his brainchild, Deepak diverts something from the earning of his sweet stall towards the development of the center every month. Meanwhile, seeing the couple’s noble work, some equal-minded friends have now joined them. And the coaching center is growing by leaps and bounds. 

“I come to the center at 4.30 pm and read till 6.30 pm. I am learning a lot of things here,” said Padmini Bemal, a student. 
“When I came to know about the center, I wanted to teach there. This way, besides the children’s knowledge, I can improve my knowledge as well,” said Ranjita Pradhan, who teaches voluntarily at the center. 

Heaping praise on Deepak and all those who are contributing in one way or the other, Sasmita Sinha said, “I have two children. One is reading in Class X and the second one will start his schooling. They are going to the center and are improving”


(Reported by Ingita Panda, OTV)