Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Sanitary workers and security personnel of the Capital Hospital staged protests in Bhubaneswar on Saturday demanding payment of their salaries on time.

As per reports, the sanitary workers in the hospital have halted their work since Saturday morning. Association members of the sanitary workers have staged a protest with the allegation that they are not getting their salaries on time. 

“Forget about increments, we are getting the meagre amount of our salaries towards the end of the second week every month. When we demand payment of our salary on time, we are threatened. The manager of the agency under which we have been recruited at the hospital is avoiding meeting us. How will we make ends meet if we are paid so much late every month?” rued a protesting sanitary worker.

“We have been demanding our salary for the last three days as ‘Pana Sankranti’ is on Sunday. We will not start our work until our salaries are paid on time. We also demand payment of our monthly salary on time,” said another sanitary worker.

Similarly, the association members of security personnel in the hospital have also staged a protest with the same kind of allegation. They have further alleged that some of the security personnel have been beaten up by the relatives of some patients in the hospital.

“We have not got our salary for the last three to four months. Payment of our salaries often gets delayed to the second week in every month and as a result, we have to face many hardships. We demand regular payment of our monthly salary on time along with increment,” said a protesting security personnel.

“Our staffers were beaten up mercilessly by some drunk relatives of a patient at the hospital casualty on Friday. We need justice in this matter,” said another security personnel.

Till the last report came in, local police had reached the spot and initiated a discussion with the protesting workers.

No comments regarding the allegations and demands of the protesting workers could be obtained either from the hospital authorities or the recruiting agency.