Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

The Opposition BJP accused the Odisha government on Saturday of being escapists for stopping the Assembly session midway to prevent discussions on the regulation pertaining to the transfer of tribal lands to non-tribals.

Opposition chief whip Mohan Majhi said in a press meet that sending the cabinet’s decision to the Tribal Advisory Council (TAC) again means that nothing about it has been discussed in the Council before. He further said that his party would reveal the conspiracy of the government by conducting meetings and moving the Integrated Tribal Development Agency (ITDA) till the regulation is withdrawn.

“To stop the Assembly midway is not a good sign for democracy. The regulation on the transfer of tribal land to non-tribals has never been discussed at the Tribal Advisory Council. To approve the decision without discussion in the TAC and send it to the cabinet is another cheating. How it was approved in the cabinet and subsequently withheld by a secretary? Moreover, it was again sent to the cabinet for re-approval. It indicates a conspiracy,” said Majhi.

“Who actually took the decision in this regard? Was the decision taken by the Chief Minister or by his subordinates? People must know whether the Chief Minister is aware of it or not,” he added.

Meanwhile, responding to the allegations by the BJP, the BJD said that all the allegations brought by the Opposition party are baseless.

“BJP MLA Nityananda Gond, and other Congress and Communist party MLAs were the members of the council. However, they had not raised their voices during the discussions then. The Opposition parties don’t have any issues to be raised against the government. Their allegations are completely baseless,” said Odisha Labour Minister, Sarada Nayak.