Pradeep Pattanayak

At a time when the incidents of local goons collecting protection money from bus drivers at bus stands have become almost a daily affair, the police are looking the other way, alleged the Rajdhani Bus Owners’ Association on Tuesday. 

According to a source, at a press conference, secretary of the Rajdhani Bus Owners’ Association Tusharkanti Acharya, in the presence of Bharatpur police station IIC, alleged that the police are turning a deaf ear to their complaints against the local goons who are collecting money from them on a regular basis. 

Subsequently, Acharya and the IIC got into a heated exchange of words following which the police officer left the press conference mid way. 
Regarding the allegations levelled by the secretary of the Rajdhani Bus Owners’ Association, no reaction could be obtained from the IIC.  

“During festive season, no protection money is collected from us. But on other days, some youths with criminal antecedents are collecting money from us. This happens on a regular basis. I have so far lodged four complaints and on one occasion, the IIC had arrested one. After that, the police are not taking any action on my complaints,” alleged Acharya.

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