Himansu Shekhar Rout

The unusual behaviour of a youth in the Chandrapur area of the Rayagada district has left his family members and local people bewildered. His style of drinking water has completely changed while he is making weird noises over the last few days, his family members said. 

The youth has been behaving in such a strange manner just four days after he was bitten by a dog. He was taken to the Muniguda hospital and administered an anti-rabies vaccine. 

After that, the youth started behaving unusually.   

Ashish Kumar Panda, the Medical Officer of the Muniguda Community Health Centre (CHC), said that the youth was brought to the hospital on May 16 after a dog bite. 

“He was provided with primary treatment and tetanus injection. He was also administered an anti-rabies vaccine. He has some behavioural changes. The youth is scared of water. Going by his changed behaviour, I think he has been affected by rabies.”

The youth has been referred to the district headquarters hospital for advanced treatment.

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