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Every problem has a solution. This time-tested saying has been proved to be true once again after a farmer of Gopalpur village in Balasore district’s Soro block implemented an innovative idea to save his crops from pest attacks. 

Meet Bhagirathi Barik, a vegetable grower from Gopalpur village. In past seasons, Barik would incur huge losses due to pest menace. Among other vegetables, he grows brinjal. And it was his brinjal crops that would bear the maximum brunt of the pest attacks. 

Barik had been under severe mental stress due to the loss he was incurring. Most of the time, he sat thinking about ways to save his crops, particularly the eggplants. 

Then an idea struck his mind. Going to give it a try, he bought mosquito nets spending around Rs 18,000. Akin to greenhouse farming, he erected a house entirely covered with mosquito nets and then he planted brinjal saplings in it. 

His idea worked and plants are now growing their natural growth without any fear of pest attack. Now, the farmers of his village and nearby villages are visiting his farmland to have a look at his farmland and praising him for his innovation. 

“Pest attack is common in brinjal plants. We have been growing brinjals and I know the problem from past experience. I adopted this method to save my crops from the attack of insects. Once it came to my mind that I should give mosquito net a try. After spending Rs 18,000, I bought mosquito nets and covered the entire field with them. So far, the plants are growing well and I have not used any kind of pesticides,” said a visibly happy Barik.

  • Reported by:
  • Niranjan Behera

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