Vikash Sharma

Amid the rising cases of Covid-19 in several countries including China by BF.7 and XXB (sub-strains of Omicron virus), there is absolutely no threat to Odisha, said health expert Dr Jayant Panda on Friday.

Briefing people of the state in daily Covid update, Panda said the sub-strain of Omicron has attributed the rise in Covid positive cases to China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Europe and other countries. Even though 3 to 5 lakh Covid-19 cases are being reported globally, India today reported only 185 cases.

The cases which are being reported in the country are mild symptoms and there is no hospitalisation. The Covid situation in other countries is critical due to their wrong policies.

“Out of the total of 6000 tests daily, one or two positive cases are being reported. The SCB Medical College and Hospital in Cuttack is fully equipped and not a single patient has been admitted in the last two months. When cases are rising in other countries, the situation in India and Odisha is well,” said Panda.

According to Panda, the case positivity rate in Odisha is 0.01 percent daily and 0.012 percent weekly. From this, it is evident that the overall Covid management has been good and there is no need to panic as of now. Due to mass vaccination in India, neutrailising antibody has increased among the population.

Second Booster Dose

On second booster dose, Panda said there is no such provision yet from the ICMR. At present, first dose booster has not been completed fully in several parts of the country. In other countries it has been found that neutralising antibody decreases in six months.

“The protection of the population having comorbidities and the health workers is important. Hence second booster dose for them might be required. We are insisting people to take their first booster dose, avoid crowded places and follow Covid appropriate behaviour,” Panda added.

(OdishaTV Bureau)