Himansu Shekhar Rout

‘Mahasnan,’ a bathing ritual, was reportedly organized by servitors for deities in Lord Jagannath Temple in Puri in the afternoon on Friday after the floor of the sanctum sanctorum of the 12th-century shrine got tinged with blood following a scuffle between two temple staff. 
Owing to the Mahasnan ritual, the darshan of the deities was halted for one and a half hours.

As per reports, after the 'Madhyana dhoopa,' a 'Pasarautha' staff was carrying 'Pitha Bhoga (cake offering) of 'Kothabhoga Suar'. At that time, a servitor identified as Babuli Pradhan picked up a cake from the bhog basket. Following this, the two got into fisticuffs near the sanctum sanctorum in the presence of Palia servitors and Jagannath Temple Police (JTP).   

Babuli Pradhan suffered bleeding injuries leaving blood stains on the floor, defiling the sanctity of the sanctum sanctorum. Singhadwar Police immediately took the two to the police station for inquiry.

As per the tradition, the situation mandated for purification of the deities, which led to the delay of rituals like 'Sandhya Alati' and 'Sandhya Dhoopa.'

Such an untoward incident has caused displeasure among the devotees who had to wait for hours to have the darshan of the deities.

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