Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

As per famous economist Swaminathan Aiyar, “Building temples and setting up schools and colleges in India are no more virtues as they are mushrooming in large numbers across the country. The one and only virtue in India these days is having entrepreneurship.”

When most of the youngsters are running after conventional jobs and several others are cribbing and crying that they don’t have any scopes and help to earn their living, a woman from Kaima village under Dharmasala block in Jajpur district has proved them all wrong.

Meet Bandana Mishra who has become an inspiration for one and all and especially for women by metamorphosing herself from an ordinary woman of a humble background to a highly successful entrepreneur.

Bandana had a passion for literature. She loves to read, write and speak. She started following her passion seriously when she came to Bhubaneswar in 1996. She started a literary magazine-Teera Taranga to pursue her passion. However, she had to struggle hard and face financial hardships to sustain the magazine.

“I had to walk barefoot for miles to meet people to collect write-ups, production and marketing of the magazine. I faced financial huddle to continue the magazine as well. However, I was determined to continue my dream project,” said Bandana.

TeeraTaranga Printers and PublicationTeeraTaranga Printers and Publication

Subsequently, Bandana ran from pillar to post to manage a loan from a bank and start her small publication unit. With hard work, dedication, determination, integrity and hard work, her publication unit was an instant hit. The bank felicitated Bandana as a successful entrepreneur after a couple of years.

However, Bandana didn’t want to sit on her laurels. She wanted to expand her publication unit and build a reputation for her magazine. She applied for getting a lease of land from IDCO and following a lot of hardship and bank clearance, she finally managed to get it after two years. Then, with full determination and will power, she started expanding her publication unit which has been built with an investment of above Rs 10 crore.

‘TeeraTaranga Printers and Publication’ is now running with all kinds of Japan imported modern machines like mini offset, big offset machine, automatic cutting stitching, proportion, folding, binding and digital offset machines. With almost all kinds of modern printing machines at their disposal, the publication unit is getting orders across the State to print many books, magazines and other printing stuffs.

“My passion was literature. I am so happy that I have turned my passion into a successful profession. Along with pursuing my literary journey, I have built a publication entrepreneurship which complements my purpose so well,” said an elated Bandana.

‘TeeraTaranga Printers and Publication’ has provided employment to more than 20 persons and its annual turnover has crossed over Rs 2 crore.

“I am really fulfilled as my dream has been materialised. Along with professional growth, my passion as a writer, editor and a speaker has been fulfilled as well. Teera Taranga magazine has completed 27 years of publication and it is now an established literature magazine in Odia language,” she said with a smile.

Moreover, Bandana has so far written two books named-‘Eka Eka Jeebana’ and ‘Idang na Mama’. Couple of more books are also in the offing.

Sharing her success mantra, Bandana said, “Every woman has unlimited potential. She should not undermine herself and ever feel weak by comparing her with others. Every woman should pursue her passion and give wings to her imagination with full dedication and determination to be successful.”