Cassian Baliarsingh

In the row of increasing deaths of jumbos in Odisha, a jumbo died under mysterious circumstances in a deep forest under Nuagarh section of Brahmani beat under Narsinghpur (Eastern Forest Division).

When contacted, Suresh Rout, Forest Range Officer, Narsinghpur Eastern Forest Division said the pachyderm, aged around 2.5 – 3 years, died due to excess heat and scarcity of drinking water. The matter came to the light after the carcass of the jumbo was recovered inside the jungle on Friday.

Even as the jumbo had died 20-25 days ago, forest officials spotted the carcass on Friday. The carcass was on the verge of decomposition and filled with flies. Forest officials buried the carcass after conducting its autopsy.

Speaking to the media, the Range Officer said, “Due to the excess heat that has been prevailing in Odisha since the last couple of days, the elephant aged around 2.5-3 years, died due to scarcity of drinking water. It is a female calf.”

He further added, “Our squad had visited the place but they had to return as there were a lot of elephants in the region. Again the team went there and recovered the elephant carcass. I have reported the incident to DFO who reached the spot and launched an investigation. The carcass was buried after post-mortem and all necessary procedures.”

However, locals have raised suspicion that the pachyderm might have died due to water scarcity as many ponds have been dug up in the forest for elephants in the area.

Many suspects that the pachyderm was killed by a poacher and the forest department officials were changing the narrative. 


(Reported by Sarbeswar Swain, OTV)