Pradeep Pattanayak

A huge cobra was spotted in the bedroom of a resident of Allinagar village under the Tihidi block of Bhadrak district on Saturday. 

The family members of Ananta Prasad Bhanj had the shock of their lives when they encountered a cobra on their bed with its hood raised and hissing. 

According to the family members, they first heard the hissing sound. Then they started searching for the source from where the sound was coming. Then suddenly the snake appeared on the bed, with its hood raised and hissing. A shiver ran down the spine of Bhanj’s family members when they found the snake just a few feet away from them. On hearing about the incident, neighbours thronged to have a look at the reptile. 

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Without giving it a second thought, they contacted a snake rescuer. The terrified family members heaved a sigh of relief when the rescuer arrived and rescued the reptile.

  • Reported by:
  • Partha Sarathi nayak