Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Conjoined twin Jaga from Kandhamal is fully fit and healthy following another surgery. As per reports, Jaga is now playing outdoors after coming out of the special cabin of the hospital. He is living his life like any other normal child. He is also joining his father Bhuyana Kanhara in morning work, accompanying him to the tiffin stall and other places. Jaga is also showing interest in studies.

Earlier in December, a team of doctors from New Delhi AIIMS had come to Odisha to check the health condition of Jaga and advised a twin surgery. Six months have passed since then. As per doctors, Jaga could go home from the hospital after his second surgery.

Notably, conjoined twin Jaga was separated in a marathon surgery at AIIMS-New Delhi in 2017. After remaining under treatment for over two years at AIIMS-New Delhi post-surgery, the twins Jaga and Kalia were discharged in September 2019 and admitted to SCB MCH under the observation of a team of specialists.

While Kalia died of septicaemia in the hospital on November 25, 2020, nearly three years after the rare surgery, Jaga was allowed to go home and stay with his parents following improvement in his health condition.


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