Himansu Shekhar Rout

Seven days have passed since the bus tragedy that took place in West Bengal. The Odisha-bound bus went up in flames allegedly due to firecrackers.  A woman from Kendrapara, travelling with her husband and children on the bus, was charred to death. However, the body of the woman identified as Puspanjali Das, has not yet arrived from West Bengal.

The bereaved family is unable to conduct the last rites of the deceased.

The family, which is waiting for her body, has been urging the administration to bring the body back home as soon as possible.
As per reports, a bus caught fire in Kharagpur on November 9. Puspanajali managed to evacuate her husband, her children, and two others out of the bus but got stuck inside and died on the spot. 

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Her family has expressed their displeasure over the delay in the handover of the body. Ashok Das, the uncle of the deceased said, "We have been desperately trying to establish contact at all levels to get back the body. We have urged the Collector, the sub-collector, and even some leaders and a minister, but the body is yet to arrive. All are assuring us to give us the body, but nothing is happening. Seven days have passed.”

He added that as per tradition, the bereaved family needs to organize post-death rituals after performing the last rites of the deceased. “Until the body is received, how can we organize ‘suddhikriya’, Das asked.

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