Pradeep Pattanayak

In a rare celestial happening, two bright planets of the solar system-Jupiter and Venus- have come closer and they can be viewed by the naked eye for the coming 10 days. 

The Pathani Samanta Planetarium authorities in Bhubaneswar have made elaborate arrangements so that students and people having an interest in astronomy don’t miss this rare phenomenon. 

“Venus and Jupiter planets have come closer. People in any part of Odisha can see them in the western sky. Such a rare celestial phenomenon occurs once in a gap of two to three years. It is a fixed cycle. Today, the position of Venus planet is below Jupiter plant. The position will change tomorrow. They will change their positions. These two planets can be seen by the naked eye for the coming 10 days,” informed Dr Subhendu Pattanayak, deputy director of Pathani Samanta Planetarium. 

The Planetarium sources said arrangements have been made at the planetarium for the visitors to experience this rare phenomenon of the solar system. There has been telescope facility at the planetarium for one hour starting at 6.15 pm. During this period, visitors can gaze at the stars through telescopes.