Cassian Baliarsingh

Even as the Commissionerate Police claimed to have busted the notorious ‘bouncer gang’ in Bhubaneswar by arresting 22 persons for their involvement in taking forceful possession of lands in the capital city, the two more masterminds, who are reportedly the husbands of two corporators, are still roaming free.

The FIR named the husbands of the corporators of Ward 37 and Ward 25 as accused, but the Commissionerate Police is yet to arrest them or summon them for interrogation, it was alleged. 

A copy of the FIR featuring the names of the husbands of the two corporators has surfaced, raising questions about the sincerity of the city police.

Intellectuals have even accused the Commissionerate police of ‘shielding’ the two and demanded their immediate arrest. 

Speaking on the issue, BJP leader Jagannath Pradhan said, “You know the value of land in Bhubaneswar. So, these politically affiliated people are the main culprits who use these bouncers to grab land from people illegally. BJP has always stood up against any such hooliganism.”

“I request the government and police administration not to divert people’s attention by just arresting the bouncers. The main masterminds should be arrested instead of being shielded,” he added.

Worth mentioning, the bouncer gang streams fear among people by showing off their physical strength. They ransack shops, raze down structures, and threaten land and shop owners to illegally take possession under the alleged instructions of their political bosses.

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