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There seems to be no let up in the ongoing attacks by the Opposition BJP on BJD leader and Ama Odisha, Nabin Odisha Chairman VK Pandian following the controversy surrounding social media influencer Kamiya Jani’s entry to Puri Lord Jagannath temple.

A day after Pandian visited ‘Shaheed Padia’ in Asurali in Bhadrak, BJP activists today 'purified' the place with water mixed with cow dung and turmeric. The leaders alleged that 'the martyrs’ soil got defiled by the visit of Pandian to the place who is promoting beef consumption on Odisha Chief Minister’s directions'.

Scores of men and women from Sri Bairagi Sishu Mandir took out a rally and reached the Saheed Padia and sprinkled cow dung and turmeric water on the entire area.

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“The way VK Pandian took Kamiya Jani, who consumes and promotes beef, into Puri Srimandir and offered Maha Prasad is not acceptable. It is an attempt to defame Hindu culture. Mahila Morcha and others sprinkled the entire area here with cow dung to purify it. We urge everybody to come forward to save Jagannath culture,” said Bhadrak BJP Mahila Morcha leader, Kalpana Jena.

Responding to the allegations made by the BJP, BJD leader Harekrushna Padhy said, “This shows the Opposition has become intolerant and is frustrated. The stadium where the meeting was held has been named after martyrs. Those who sprinkled cow dung water need to purify themselves first. The Opposition has nothing to do other than coming up with frivolous allegations and opposing the government.”

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