Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his monthly episode of Mann ki Baat on Sunday emphasised the importance of startups and said the youth who were once job seekers, have now become job givers as "startups have become turning point of India's growth story."

He said that the country is leading in the startup sector as 70 companies have achieved "unicorn" status in India. "This is the turning point of India's growth story, where people are now not only dreaming of becoming job seekers but also becoming job creators. This will further strengthen India's stature on the global stage."

He said till the year 2015, there used to be hardly nine or ten Unicorns in the country but now India is flying high even in the world of Unicorns.

"It is true, this is the era of startups, and it is also true that in the world of startups, India is leading today. Startups are getting record investment year after year. This sector is progressing very fast," he said, adding that three aspects matter a lot -- Ideas and Innovation, Spirit of taking risks and Can Do Spirit. When these three things come together, phenomenal results are produced, miracles happen.

The Prime Minister also spoke to beneficiaries of Ayushman Bharat and wondered at how things are changing at fast pace as the government makes plans, spends the budget, completes the projects on time, people feel that it is working.

Amidst the many schemes of development, things related to human sensitivities always give a different kind of joy.

When one of the beneficiary Rajesh Prajapati said, he wants Modi to remain in power, he said that "please don't pray for power, I want to be in service of the nation as Sevak".

PM Modi also emphasised on clean climate and referred to a picture of the north east. "I have been watching on social media the picture of a flying boat in Meghalaya that is going viral. This picture catches our attention at the very first sight itself. Most of you must have certainly seen it online. Friends, nature poses a threat to us only when we disturb her balance or destroy her sanctity. Nature nurtures us like a mother and fills our world with vivid colours too."

He said, "There is a city in Western Australia - Perth, where there is an art gallery called Sacred India Gallery. This has been set up in the beautiful region of Swan Valley and it is the result of the efforts of a resident of Australia, Jagat Tarini Dasi ji who has made a Vrindavan there."