In a shocking incident, a video has emerged in which a woman is seen attempting to hang herself from the ceiling fan and the husband, instead of saving her, is busy filming the act.

The woman fails in her first attempt but succeeds in hanging herself in the second attempt.

The woman's father Raj Kishore Gupta told reporters that his son-in-law Sanjeev Gupta called him in the afternoon and said that his wife Shobhita had committed suicide.

"I rushed to her house in Gulmohar Nagar and found her body on the bed. Sanjeev was busy pumping her chest but she was lifeless. When I questioned Sanjeev, he showed me the video and I was shocked that he made no effort to save her but was busy recording the incident. He also did not rush her to the hospital," he said.

The Hanumant Nagar police have been informed of the incident by the deceased's family and the body has been sent for post mortem.

Sanjeev Gupta is being questioned by the police.

The couple had been married four years ago.