An aesthetically carved sandalwood box by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to US President Joe Biden, was made by Mohit Jangid, a Jaipur-based National Award winning artist.

Made of sandalwood brought from the forests of Mysore, the box has come into global limelight for its exquisite beauty and carving.

Jangid's family said that their ancestors used to initially made almond boxes.

A total of 11 people from the artist's have won the National Award for their unique craftmanship. The family has also set several world records.

Mohit is the fourth generation artist of the family.

"We had sent this box for the collection of Central Cottage Emporium in Delhi. It was from here that a team from the Prime Minister's Office selected it as the gift," he said.

"The box is 15 inches in height and consists of different parts. The carving is based on the peacock theme. A peacock figure is made on the top of the box, as well as all around it with fine carvings in different styles.

"It took two months to make the box. The specialty of Mysore sandalwood is that it is oily. Due to the oil, its brown colour comes out and the carving on it also comes out in a wonderful way. This box is designed in a different way, inside which there are many compartments, in which different things can be kept," he added.

Earlier, Prime Minister Modi had gifted a sandalwood 'Krishna Pankhi' (fan), also made by Mohit, to Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.