The Rampuri knife, made famous by Bollywood blockbusters in the seventies, is all set to regain its lost glory.

A 20-foot Rampuri knife has been installed in the district -- the "home" of the weapon.

Till about three decades ago, the Rampuri knife was the backbone of the district's economy and factories manufacturing the knife could be found in every lane and by lane.

Gradually, the knife lost its charm and the artisans got engaged in other businesses.

The Rampur administration has now taken the initiate to revive the identity of the district by the installation of the 20-foot-long knife at a cost of Rs 52.52 lakh.

Rampur MLA Akash Saxena said that the Rampuri knife was once known as a form of fear, but the government has turned it into a piece of art. He added that the government was considering granting exemption to the knife industry and keeping it out of the purview of GST.

The replica of the knife has been made of premium grade brass and steel to ensure it does not catch rust easily. Authorities are sending it to the Guinness World Records.