Union Minister Smriti Irani on Tuesday slammed Congress leader Rahul Gandhi by saying that in an attempt to insult Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he also insulted the entire OBC community.

Addressing the media here, Smriti Irani said, "In an attempt to insult PM Modi, Rahul Gandhi also insulted the entire OBC community. This is not the first time Gandhi family has tried to insult people from Dalit or backward communities. When a woman from the tribal family became the President, even then Droupadi Murmu was insulted by a Congress member on the instructions of the Gandhi family."

"He (Rahul Gandhi) abused and accused PM Modi in Parliament but could not verify his own statement by authenticating it with his own signature. Rahul Gandhi has been convicted by the court for not abusing an individual but the whole OBC community and this is known to every citizen of our country," she added.

Amid protests by the Congress over the Adani issue, Smriti Irani also attacked Gandhi over an earlier picture of Robert Vadra with Gautam Adani. She said, "If he (Rahul Gandhi) has a problem with Adani, why is Robert Vadra seen with Adani holding hands?"

Irani also said, "The political psychosis of Rahul Gandhi is on full display. He kept lying in London and in India, inside and outside Parliament. Rahul Gandhi's target is PM Modi, and PM Modi's target is the development of the country."