Himansu Shekhar Rout

In a heart-warming gesture, Prime Minister Narendra Modi acknowledged and appreciated a painting of Lord Jagannath and His siblings created by a little girl, who was among a massive crowd at a rally in West Bengal. 

In a video shared by one Dr SG Suryah on his X handle, the Prime Minister was seen on the dais along with party leaders to address the rally. At that time, the little girl was holding aloft a piece of painting, trying to catch the attention of the Prime Minister so that he would accept her gift. 

Interestingly, the painting caught the attention of the Prime Minister, who immediately asked one of his officials on the dais to receive the painting from the girl.

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After the painting was brought to the stage, the Prime Minister was elated and rose from the seat with a beaming smile. He came forward on the dais and holding the painting, he gestured at the girl acknowledging that he received the painting.   

The gesture of the Prime Minister received wide applause on the X (formerly Twitter) 

“This Man @narendramodi is on a Child Like level literally when it comes to acknowledging Children,” commented a user.