Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday, after inaugurating the new Parliament House, also felicitated the workers involved in the construction of the new building.

Modi, after inaugurating the new Parliament House along with Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, felicitated the workers and presented them shawls and mementos for their contribution in the making of the new building.

The workers who received felicitation from the Prime Minister include Satya Ranjan Das from West Bengal's Sundarban. He had arranged water and food the for the workers at the construction site.

Modi also met Bhai Ram Murmu who kept up the cleanliness, and Ejaz Ahmed the supervisor and stair master.

Modi also facilitated Puranjan Dalai from Odisha's Chandipur and Kishanlal from Rajasthan's Barmer who worked on the lobby's design of the new building.

Devlal Sukhar from Vadodara and Anil Kumar Yadav from Bihar worked on putting the sandstones on the outer wall of Parliament; Subrata Sutradhar from the northeast worked on bamboo flooring; Muzaffar Khan from Jharkhand worked as a mechanic and kept all the machines going during construction; Dharmendra from Delhi did the gas welding job; and Anand Vishwakarma from Varanasi did the ceiling of both the chambers and the job of chairs in the new building.

The foundation laying ceremony of the new building was performed in December 2020 by PM Modi and it was inaugurated on Sunday.

The inauguration ceremony of the new building was boycotted by 20 Opposition parties including the Congress, accusing BJP of not inviting President Murmu and citing it as an insult to the first tribal President of India.