Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday addressed a post-budget webinar and suggested different ways to promote states as ‘wedding destinations’ while talking about the potential of tourism in India. 

In the webinar titled 'Developing Tourism in Mission Mode- a 12-part series organised by the government inviting suggestions to effectively implement the Budget 2023 announcements, PM Modi said ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas and ‘long-term vision’ will help tourism scale new heights. 

He urged to create an environment in the country so that people can go to different states to solemnize weddings according to the local traditions. During the webinar, he also suggested that the states should announce special packages so people won’t feel the need of going abroad.

Addressing the webinar, PM Modi said, said destination weddings offer a huge potential for tourism.

“Today, destination weddings are a big business. People go to foreign countries. Can our states announce a special package for destination weddings? I will say that we should create an environment in our country; the people of Gujarat should feel like they should get married in Tamil Nadu as per Tamil Nadu culture,” the PM said. 

“If someone has two children, he/she should think about getting both their children married in separate states like one in Assamese style and the other one in Punjab,” he added. 

Further, he added, “Destination weddings offer a huge potential to tourism. Top-class people of our country go abroad but now the middle class and upper middle class are also going abroad for destination weddings. We are not working in this direction yet, few places are doing it in their own way.”

As per an announcement in Budget 2023, at least 50 destinations will be picked and developed in mission mode so that they will ‘feature on tourists’ list when they think of visiting India.

(With Inputs From Agency)