Hitting out at the opposition parties, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said political rivals are spreading lies about Covid-19 and shortage of vaccine. The Prime Minister Modi asked BJP MPs to counter lies spread by the opposition parties.

Prime Minister Modi was speaking at the BJP's Parliamentary Party meeting.

Sources said that the Prime minister asked the party MPs to focus on highlighting the truth and tell the people about government's work in managing Covid pandemic.

It is learnt that the Prime Minister said that Congress only believe in the politics of obstruction and don't want to debate and discuss.

"The Prime Minister said that despite losing polls, Congress is not raising issues nor expanding its base. They only believe in the politics of obstruction and don't want to debate and discuss over issues," a BJP MP said.

Prime Minister expressed concern over low rate of vaccination of frontline workers and stressed that there is no shortage of vaccine.

Sources said that the Prime Minister told the party MPs that while opposition indulge in politics over pandemic, the BJP continues to serve the humanity.

According to sources, the Prime Minister asked the BJP MPs to tell the truth to the people and explain the work of the government.

"The Prime Minister also told us that despite losing grounds everywhere, Congress is more concerned about us than themselves," another BJP MP said.

The Prime Minister also asked the BJP MPs to regularly attend the Parliament and to keep themselves updated about the issues that the opposition is likely raise on the floor of house.