Cassian Baliarsingh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday attended the inaugural session of the first-ever Global Buddhist Summit in the national capital and inspired everyone to follow the noble teachings of Gautam Buddha.

He propagated world peace as per the noble ideals of Lord Buddha and started his speech with Namo Buddhay.

“The noble teachings of Gautam Buddha have impacted countless people over centuries. Inspired by the teachings of Lord Buddha, India is taking new initiatives for global welfare.”

“India has always followed Buddha’s ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ which means guests are like God for us. So, in the presence of some many people who are following Lord Buddha, I feel like Lord Buddha himself is present here now,” he added.

“The world is suffering from war and unrest today. Centuries ago Buddha had given a solution for this. India has not given ‘Yuddha’ to the world but ‘Buddha’. The path of Buddha is the path of future and sustainability,” he further stated.

"This hope, this faith is the biggest strength of this earth. When this hope gets united, the Buddha's Dhamma will become the world's belief and Buddha's realisation will become the belief of humanity," he said while addressing the inaugural session of Global Buddhist Summit here.

Remembering the Buddhist path of theory, practice and realisation, the Prime Minister elaborated on India's adoption of all the three points in its journey in the last nine years of the NDA government.

Modi said that India has worked with dedication for the propagation of Lord Buddha's teachings. He mentioned about the peace missions and India's efforts in rescue work during disasters like the earthquake in Turkey.

"This emotion of 140 crore Indians is being seen, understood and accepted by the world", Modi said.

He proudly stated that India stands with humanity in every crisis. He also expressed pride that Global Buddhist Summit is being held at a time when India is celebrating 75 years of Independence, when India is celebrating the Amrit Mahotsav.

“People from different background and ethos live in India. That is the testimony of Lord Buddha’s ideal. Moreover, India has had her firsts in so many fields and has derived great inspiration from Lord Buddha,” he added.

PM Modi’s speech, proactive, re-generative notion of public welfare found resonance in Lord Buddha’s message.

A few days  back, the PM had tweeted, “At 10 am, 20th April, will address the Global Buddhist Summit in Delhi. This Summit brings together various people who have worked to further popularise the ideals of Lord Buddha.”

The two-day Summit is being hosted by the Ministry of Culture in collaboration with International Buddhist Confederation (IBC). The aim of the Summit is to focus on the Buddhist response to deal with the most pressing challenges the world is facing.

The Summit will continue today and tomorrow i.e. April 20 and 21 with the theme ‘Responses to Contemporary Challenges from Philosophy to Praxis.’