Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said that among the many successes of the year 2022 was India attaining the status of the world's fifth largest economy.

In his monthly radio broadcast, 'Mann Ki Baat', he said that in 2022 the record of India surpassing the incredible figure of 220 crore vaccines was also one of the landmarks.

"India crossed the magical exports figure of $400 billion in 2022... In sports, be it the Commonwealth Games or the victory of our women's hockey team, our youth have shown tremendous potential," the prime minister said while listing the achievements of the departing year.

Modi also spoke about the challenge of 'Kala-azar'.

The parasite of this disease is spread through the sting of the sand fly. When someone has Kala-azar, one has fever for months, there is anemia, the body becomes weak and the weight also decreases. This disease can happen to anyone from children to elders. But with everyone's efforts, this disease, named Kala-azar, is now getting eradicated rapidly, the prime minister said.

"Until recently, the scourge of Kala-azar had spread in more than 50 districts across four states. But now this disease is confined to only four districts of Bihar and Jharkhand. I am sure, the strength and awareness of the people of Bihar-Jharkhand will help the government's efforts to eliminate 'Kala-azar' from these four districts as well," he said.