Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said efforts are being made to mitigate the burden on citizens due to the economic crisis which, after the COVID-19 pandemic, aggravated as the world has entered a battlefield, in an apparent reference to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

Modi was speaking virtually while participating in the "Grah Pravesham" (house-warming) programme of 5.21 lakh houses of beneficiaries of the Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana-Gramin in Madhya Pradesh.

Earlier, the world faced trouble due to the coronavirus outbreak. Now, the world has entered a battlefield. Due to this, various new crises are arising on the economic front. Efforts are being made to help, as much as possible, to minimise the burden on Indian citizens, Modi said.

He alleged that some political parties raised slogans to eliminate poverty, but did not work to empower the poor.

Empowerment gives courage to the poor people to fight poverty. Poverty gets defeated when efforts of an honest government get combined with that of the empowered poor, he said.