In a shocking turn of events, young girl students from a local school in Ghaziabad have written a letter in blood, addressed to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, levelling allegations of molestation against the school’s principal.

The four-page letter lays bare the disturbing experiences faced by the girls.

It accuses Principal Rajeev Pandey of subjecting them to unwarranted advances. The narrative suggests a pattern of abuse, with the principal reportedly summoning one girl after another to his office, where the misconduct would occur.

The girls wrote, “Babaji we are girls studying in Kisan Adarsh Higher Secondary School in Bamhaita village. The principal of our school, Rajeev Pandey, used to call one or the other girl to his office every day and misbehave with us and threatened to destroy us if we told this to anyone. Most of the girls remain silent because of his scare. Some of us girls dared to narrate the ordeal at home on August 21, after which our parents gathered together and went to the school with the female councillor Parmosh Yadav who spoke to the manager.”

This reportedly angered the principal and he began abusing everyone. When the quarrel increased, the family members thrashed the principal.

The parents then reported the matter to ACP Saloni Aggarwal who scolded the girls and their parents and made them wait at the police station for four hours.

The police also visited the houses of the girls and threatened them.

Soon after the letter came in public domain, the principal retaliated by filing a counter-complaint against the parents of several girls, alleging physical assault.

ACP Saloni Aggarwal said that the case had been promptly registered against the principal based on the girls’ complaint.