Ashish Kumar Manthan

The East Coast Railway (ECoR) has taken up the maintenance and repair work in light of safety-related modernization projects at various locations within its jurisdiction.

The railway will undertake safety-related modernization works like repairing old bridges, installing Limited Height Subways (LHSs) by converting Level Crossings and interlocking tracks for the completion of doubling/third line operations.

However, the works will reportedly be carried out without causing any inconvenience to the passengers. ECoR General Manager Roop Narayan Sunkar has issued stringent directives to prevent any inconvenience to passengers. Thus, 'a very few trains have been planned to cancel due to the repair works'.

Moreover, efforts are being made to reschedule the trains or bring them to nearby locations where the maximum number of passengers can board trains.

In addition to this, projects relating to safety are scheduled to take place at various railway sections over the period of the next two months.

The passengers' convenience is the main priority of East Coast Railway's during the modernization project works. Modernisation works have been distributed on different days in different Railway sections, so that, minimum train cancellation will be done If required, ECoR informed through an official release.