The Delhi Lt. Governor secretariat has returned 47 files that were not signed by the Chief Minister, a source said on Saturday.

According to a source from the L-G office, these files which were signed by the staff of CMO instead of Chief Minister concerned with Education Department and Waqf Board among others.

In this connection of flouting of laid down procedures and rules of not signing files before sending them to the L-G office, Lt. Governor V.K. Saxena had written to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on August 22.

However, even after the letter, the CMO continues to send files to the L-G office without sign by the Chief Minister, the source said.

Underlining it as a stark departure from the past when such files were duly signed by Chief Ministers between 1993-2013, L-G Saxena had asked the Chief Minister to sign every file in the interest of smooth and effective governance.

He also asked the Chief Minister to introduce the e-office system, prevalent in most government offices now, so as to enable seamless movements of files.

These files often marked by his junior officers to the L-G Secretariat, contain notings such as "CM has seen and approved" and "CM has seen". This is in gross disregard and violation of laid down procedures, rules and regulations which specifically outline that such files must be signed by the Chief Minister, the source said.