The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved ratification of three Protocols on Article 3 and Article 50 (a) as well as Article 56 relating to amendments in the convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention), 1944.

The articles of the Chicago Convention establish the privileges and obligations of all contracting states and promote international ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) adoption that regulate international air transport.

During the past 78 years, the Chicago Convention has undergone a few amendments and India has been ratifying such amendments from time to time.

The ratification would affirm India's commitment to the principles enshrined in the Convention on International Civil Aviation, official sources said.

The ratification would provide better chances and opportunity for India to become more instrumental in matters pertaining to international civil aviation, they added.

The three protocols are as follows: Protocol to insert Article 3 bis in the Chicago Convention, 1944 to refrain member states from resorting to the use of weapons against civil aircraft in flight (Protocol signed in May, 1984); Protocol to amend Article 50 (a) of the Chicago Convention, 1944 for raising the strength of the ICAO Council from 36 to 40 (Protocol signed in October, 2016); and Protocol to amend Article 56 of the Chicago Convention, 1944 for raising the strength of the Air Navigation Commission from 18 to 21 (Protocol signed in October, 2016).