In a bizarre incident, a woman in Uttar Pradesh's Agra has filed for divorce from her husband because her mother-in-law uses her makeup without permission.

The woman has alleged that her husband threw her and her sister out of the house after she had a dispute with her mother-in-law over the issue of using her makeup without her permission.

The woman and her sister, residents of Malpura, had married two brothers eight months ago. All was well until the woman found out that her mother-in-law was using her makeup without her permission.

She added that whenever she had to go to an event, she would not have makeup as her mother-in-law used it.

The woman told the 'Parivar Paramarsh Kendra' (Family Counselling Centre) of the Agra police that her mother-in-law would dress up and wear makeup inside the house. The woman then approached the Malpura police station.

She said she had a verbal fight with her mother-in-law after she forbade her from wearing makeup while staying inside the house.

According to the woman, her mother-in-law told the son about the incident and her husband also started abusing her. The situation escalated and the woman and her sister were thrown out of the house.

For two months, the sisters have been living at their maternal home.

On Sunday, the woman and her mother-in-law were called to the Parivar Paramarsh Kendra and given counselling, said Amit Gaur, a counsellor.

Gaur added that the woman was adamant about seeking divorce as, according to her, the matter was no longer limited to the use of her cosmetics without her permission.

The woman said her husband was subjecting her to domestic abuse as he only listened to his mother.

Gaur said that the woman and her husband would be called again for further counselling.

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