After third meeting of the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance or INDIA, the BJP on Sunday coined a new term ‘INDI Alliance’ to target the opposition parties.

Home Minister Amit Shah took the charge while hitting at the INDIA alliance saying, “When the people declared bankruptcy of this arrogant alliance, they changed the name from UPA to INDI Alliance.” Following Shah’s swipe, several top BJP leaders also attacked Congress on X.

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had targeted the INDIA alliance saying that even “Indian Mujahideen and East India Company had the words INDIA in them.”

Modi’s swipe at the opposition bloc came after the 26 parties at Bengaluru meeting on July 17 and 18 decided to name like minded parties as INDIA bloc to take on BJP.

Later, the Prime Minister ahead of his reply on the no-confidence motion targeted the opposition parties saying it is a reflection of mutual distrust among INDIA bloc as they want to test who is with their proposal and who is not.

In his address to party MPs at the BJP parliamentary meeting, Modi described the opposition alliance as 'ghamandia' (marked by arrogance) and congratulated the party's Rajya Sabha members for the "semi-final" win in voting on the Delhi services bill.

Meanwhile, the Congress and the other opposition parties have hit back at the BJP for comparing INDIA with East India Company and banned terror outfit Indian Mujahideen.