Vikash Sharma

Being considered for its universal identity accepted across the whole country, Aadhaar is now the most sought after document needed to comply with several rules or avail welfare services.

The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has recently introduced the face authentication system in Aadhaar under which a person can authenticate himself/ herself using the UIDAI face auth RD App.

The new mobile app named “AadhaarFaceRd" can perform face authentication through mobile app from anywhere. As per official sources, the Aadhaar FaceRD App captures live person’s face for Aadhaar authentication using face authentication technology

. “Aadhaar face authentication technology has been developed inhouse by UIDAI. It can be used for various Aadhaar authentication applications,” said UIDAI.

As per UIDAI, the face authentication feature from the App can be used for various Aadhaar Authentication Apps like – Jeevan Praman, PDS, Scholarship schemes, COWIN and FarmerWelfare schemes.

Aadhaar has given identity to a vast number of people who previously had none. It has bridged the digital divide by enabling e-KYC services, providing banking at the doorstep and through mobile phones, and facilitating cash transfer directly into the bank accounts of the needy and deserving recipients of the government's numerous welfare initiatives.

Aadhaar is the bedrock of various government schemes and service deliveries to more than 350 central and 500 State/UT schemes.