Ramakanta Biswas

News Highlights

  • Inspiring stories of two students from Odisha who fight odds to fulfil their dreams 
  • Rani Hembram turns daily wager while Abhijit Das sells Chatpati to fund his education

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many students to give up on their studies as families have been pushed to acute poverty. However, here are inspiring stories of two students from Odisha who with indomitable spirit have continued efforts to fulfil their dreams. 

While Rani Hembram of Sangam village in Hatadihi block of Keonjhar district took up the job of a daily wager to fund her education, Abhijit Das of Saragaon in Sadar block of Balasore sells Chatpati to meet his education expenses.    

Rani passed the Class 10 examination this year with flying colours and secured 511 marks. A meritorious student since childhood, she aspires to become a doctor. However, her dream suffered a major setback when her father Salman Hembram passed away two months back.

Apart from pushing her family into acute financial crisis, the untimely death of her father also shattered her dream of higher education. However, the girl took up the job of a daily wager to fund her education apart from maintaining her family of four- her mother, younger brother and sister. 

“I earn Rs 300 a day. After spending on household expenses, I save the remaining amount for my higher education. I want to work hard and become a doctor in future,” said the brave girl.

Sarat Kumar Sasini, headmaster of Sundarapal High School, said, “Now she works as a daily wager for higher studies. I urge the government to extend financial help to the girl so that she could fulfil her dreams.”

The story of Abhijit is no different. Born in a poor family, he aspires to make a career with his own ability. A Plus 2 student of Dr Jadunath College in Rasalpur, Abhijit now sells Chatpati, a street food, to fund his education and helps in maintaining his family after his father lost job due to Covid.

“I sell Chatpati by roadside to earn money to fund my education. My siblings also need cellphones to attend online classes. Whatever I earn, I will spend it on buying smartphone and help maintain my family,” said Abhijit.