Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Some relics and artefacts supposed to be of a 2000-year-old ancient civilisation have been unearthed at Asurgarh under Gopeipali Panchayat in Bargarh district.

The archaeological excavation has been carried out by Gangadhar Meher University in which stone tools, rare coins, pottery, weapons and artifacts made by early humans, centuries ago were found.

According to researchers, the area is a storehouse of treasure.

“This discovery will help us in understanding migration and subsequent colonisation by human beings in this part of India," said an official.

“The tools recovered were designed for hunting large wild animals. The equipment and artifacts are witness to the potential skills of early humans. We have recovered projectile points, hand axe and ancient weapons among other things,” he said.

As per sources, the soil samples collected from the area will be sent to different laboratories of the country for carbon dating which will help dating back the time of the ancient civilisation.

Besides, scientific investigations will also be carried out in the area to find out more about the environmental conditions in which the early humans thrived.