Mrunal Manmay Dash

A rare pigeon landed at the courtyard of Sarbeswar Chhotray of Kansbahal village under Rajgangpur Police limits of Sundargarh on Monday.

As per reports, Sarbeswar rescued the pigeon after the injured bird did not to fly away when he got near it.

However, after rescuing the avian guest, Sarbeswar noticed a tag on its leg with something scribbled on it in a foreign language. He immediately informed the Police following which the cops conducted an investigation and it was found that the pigeon was actually a racing bird.

Speaking to reporters, Sarbeswar said, “I feed pigeons on a regular basis at my courtyard. In the evening when all the pigeons flew away, a lone pigeon remained grounded. I caught it with care and found a tag hanging from its leg with something written in a foreign language.”

“I immediately informed the Police which came here to investigate. In fact, I enquired about the tag in other places too and got to know that it was a racing pigeon, bred and trained for racing,” he added.

Asked about the incident, the Sub-Divisional Police Officer (SDPO) of Rajgangpur, Sashank Sekhar Beura said, “After conducting investigation we came to know that the pigeon was not part of any conspiracy neither was it a security threat. The talk about a chip having been embedded in its body for spying purpose was totally unfounded.”

He said it was a common pigeon tagged by researchers for survey or counting purpose.

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