Nitesh Kumar Sahoo

In a shocking turn of events, a man hailing from Udeipur village under Athagarh police limits in Cuttack started making sounds like a dog on Tuesday after six months of being bitten by a canine. 

As per reports, the victim identified as Rajesh Beura didn’t receive treatment after the dog bite. Suddenly on November 1, he started 'howling' like a dog. 

Following that, his family members rushed him to a nearby hospital. Later, he was shifted to SCB medical and college in Cuttack after his health condition deteriorated. 

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As per the doctors, dog bite triggers hydrophobia or fear of water. The symptoms include Laryngospasm, which makes the patient howl.

“From the video, the symptoms are clearly of rabies. It is seen in people with dog-bite history. Then patients are hydrophobic. They cannot tolerate water, not even the sound of it. Then, the patient develops Laryngospasm. We cannot term it as dog bark. Patients make howling sounds due to spasms in throat, which seem like a dog bark,” said Sami Salim, Health Expert.

Reported by Nilakantha Dora, Athagarh, Cuttack