Vikash Sharma

There seems to be no end to the plight of the people in Cuttack owing to the ongoing construction work for the JICA-funded Odisha Integrated Sanitation Improvement Project (OISIP) work. Resentment brewed among the residents as a big 6-ft pit appeared after a portion of the main road at Choudhry bazar caved in on Saturday evening.

Though nobody was hurt in the mishap, it has again raised questions on the ongoing construction activities in different parts of the city. The local residents have alleged that the craters on roads are mainly due to the sub-standard work by JICA. Earlier, a similar incident was reported from Tulasipur area.

The incident promoted senior officials of Cuttack Municipal Corporation (CMC) and Mayor Subhash Singh to swing into action.

“It has now become a regular feature in Cuttack due to haphazard construction activities by the JICA officials,” alleged a local resident.

The Cuttack Mayor asked the JICA officials to immediately undertake the necessary repair works as the main road acts as a major connecting link to several areas in the city.

“We have noticed that road gets caved in at places where trenches have been dug by JICA for the project. Yesterday, a major crater was formed on the main road. We ensured that the road was repaired on an urgent basis,” said Singh adding that the incident occurred due to leakage in sewerage connection.

Singh further said, “We have asked JICA officials to be present during the CMC council meeting to be held on August 6. We have decided to ask JICA officials to inspect spots in different parts of the city so that such incidents do not recur.”

The Mayor said that several corporators, as well as the residents, are unhappy over construction works by JICA and the authority concerned is taking appropriate steps in this regard.