Pradeep Pattanayak

Kotia region of Odisha on Wednesday once again witnessed intrusion of Andhra Pradesh. This time, none other than AP’s Deputy Chief Minister Rajan Dora visited the disputed area. 

Last time, Dora had visited the area during the Panchayat elections in Andhra Pradesh.

According to sources, the Deputy Chief Minister attended meetings, held discussions with people and made them aware of AP government’s plans and programmes. 

He reviewed the status of several welfare schemes and yojanas launched by the AP government like those on pension, ration, drinking water, electricity, and patta. 

It has been alleged that AP’s intrusion has gone on unabated. It is claiming rights on the region in the name of launching programmes. 

In order to wean innocent Kotia people away from rising to the luring baits of AP, Koraput district administration had organized a meeting some months ago. In spite of this, AP is continuously trespassing into Kotia region.