Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

A massive fire that reportedly broke out at Balukhand-Konark wildlife sanctuary in Puri district is yet to be doused completely even after three days.

The flames are still engulfing the forest at a few places in Ramachandi. Efforts are underway by the firefighters to douse the fire. The forest officials along with local people are also trying their best to keep the fire under control.

“All are trying their best to contain the fire and not allow it to spread further. However, due to the scorching summer, it is becoming very much difficult to douse the fire completely,” said a local resident.

People of Kurujanga village and fire service personnel are guarding the forest to keep a check on the further spread of fire to other parts of the forest.

As per reports, casuarinas forest at Ramachandi and Kurijanga is burning after the massive fire broke out two days back. 

“The containment measures got delayed as there was no motorable road leading to the forest. At least seven to eight acres of forest have been burnt to ashes in the massive fire,” said Konark division ranger Benudhar Behera.

A couple of days back, a group of youths had gone to the forest for a picnic. It is suspected that the fire might have sparked from the picnic spot.