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Maunvrat to avoid questions:Digvijay

Lucknow: Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh on Sunday said Anna Hazare has decided to observe "maun vrat" (vow of silence) so that he does not have to give a reply to questions related to B S Yeddyurappa and team Anna member Prashant Bhushan.

"It seems Anna Hazare has decided to observe maun vrat so that he does not have to give a reply if any question is asked about Yeddyurappa or Prashant Bhushan," Digvijay told reporters here. "Why is it so that while there is campaign against Congress, nothing is being said against BJP. Why Anna Hazare praises Gujarat CM Narendra Modi when Lokayukta has not been appointed in his state for the last nine years," he said.

The Congress general secretary said he would look this as an example of double standard.
"I am surprised why Anna is not accepting that he has the support of RSS and its workers made arrangements during his campaign," Digvijay said.

He said a senior-most RSS functionary wrote a letter to Anna announcing his support to him. "The RSS functionary wrote that he directed the workers to support Anna`s campaign. He also issued directives for supporting Baba Ramdev," the Congress leader said.

"On the one hand, they say not a single RSS worker was present in the campaign while on the other Govindacharya said 20 per cent workers were of Sangh. Both the statements cannot be right, we want to know which one is correct," he said.

The Congress leader said "if the civil society says its campaign is non-political, then it does not need to discriminate." "In Hisar they opposed Congress and have announced to do the same in UP. If civil society members are apolitical, why a call to defeat a political party was given," he asked.

Digvijay said he has no objection if there was RSS support to Anna "but why doesn`t he accept it". "If he says he has no information about the RSS support then why thanks were given to Gadkari from Team Anna`s dias? Why Ram Madhav was allowed? Have any of the team Anna`s members said whatever Govindacharya is saying is false," he said.

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