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Whether you are in a relationship for the long term now, it's important to keep being thrilled in your relationship. It should be like every time you see each other in excitement. There are some things that need consistency but variation in everyday routine is more fun. 

Here are the ways to put a spark in your relationship, it doesn't take time and costs money but it's very effective when you try them.

Listen to your partner

Talk to your partner, ask him about his day and listen and be actually interested while listening. If he has a bad day at work, talk to him and make him comfortable. Listening strengthens the relationship and demonstrates attentiveness, caring and respect.

Get physical

Physical touch is the major significance in relationships. Surely, this includes sex, but sex is not enough to keep a spark alive. Give them a hug randomly, hold his hand, rub his back while hugging, and offer a message. This results in releasing Oxytocin ( a love hormone) which helps in feeling closer to your partner and being more generous.

Smile! You are on a camera

Pretend that you are on a camera around you. Every time you interact with your partner, do it with a smiley face. How would you act if you knew you were being watched by others?? Gentle, Kind? Now act like that every time when you are with your partner.

Say sorry to your partner

We all make mistakes and say things we later regret sometimes, and this affects relationships in the wrong way. This can give a chance to defensiveness, this is not a sign of a happy relationship. Saying sorry first or admitting your mistake is the way to a happy relationship. This is to make your partner feel close to you.

Outside support and interest

Your partner cannot fulfil your every need like he/she can not be your best friend, stress manager, conflict resolution, chick-flick watcher, and mentor. It is important to have additional support in your life. Be his/her support in every situation, in ups and downs. Pursue your own interest, it will be better to do things together.

Be hopeful, relationships have ups and downs, be calm and have faith, Things can get better just be energetic, show some love and give it time. And see the positive energy in your relationship.