Sangati Jogwar

News Highlights

  • Tattoos are a big craze among young people.
  • Here are the benefits and disadvantages of getting your body inked.

Tattoos are a big trend among youngsters and over the years have evolved in multiple ways. Primarily you can either have a temporary or a permanent tattoo. While the obvious benefit of a tattoo is that it is visibly attractive, there are many other advantages as well as disadvantages that you must know about before getting inked.

Benefits of Tattoos

Tattoos boost immunity

A study says that a tattoo helps the body to fight external impurities thereby boosting your immunity power. Thus, it indirectly helps keep all types of infections at bay.

Helps you deal with personal traumas

Getting a tattoo can ease the sadness that is a part of every traumatic situation. Tattoos help you heal from within as it somehow prepares you to take responsibility for your scars and see them more as what you have gone through.

Covers scars and marks

Many people use a tattoo as a camouflage to cover their certain marks or ugly scars. These can be anything from stretch marks, to birthmarks, and more.

Enhances self-esteem

Mental health experts believe that tattoos help to build self-esteem in an individual as they attract people towards them.

Mark of identification

A permanent tattoo stays with you to the grave and hence can become your mark of identification in case of any mishap or accident.

Disadvantages of Tattoos

Can prove as a hurdle for your career

Many people have a pessimist approach towards tattoos and in general, the conception is that those with inked bodies are not very serious at work. That is why in some cases it might prove as a hurdle for your career.

Health problems

People with hypersensitive skin can face problems due to tattoos especially if the needles and the material used during the process are not clean or hygienic.

Permanent tattoos can pose problems

It is common among young people to get the initials of their girlfriends or boyfriends inked on their bodies as a token of love. But if you opt for permanent tattoos then they can be a big problem after the relationship turns sour.

Not for faint-hearted

Inking a tattoo on your body can be painful at times and it also depends on the body part where you are getting the tattoo. So those who cannot bear pain should think twice before getting this done. Also, it requires proper take care for a few days after the process of tattooing has been done.

Skin allergies

People with hypersensitive skin have a tendency to get rashes and other allergic reactions such as inflammation and itching after getting tattooed. And in many people, these skin allergies are recurring which can be problematic for a person.