Cassian Baliarsingh

There have been several reports of an Indian youth marrying a foreign girl or a foreigner flying to India to marry the boy she met on Facebook or Instagram. Well, sliding into DMs is definitely the new modern-day proposal.

So, it is high time, you have to make a move and slide into the DMs of your crush. For those wondering what is ‘sliding into a DM’, it is a simple way to make the first move with a simple text or message to the person of your choice usually on a social media app.

Meanwhile, a boy made the ‘smoothest’ move on a girl on Instagram and has become the talk on the internet. Twitter user Mehak Mahajan shared the screenshot of his pick-up lines and shared it on her handle that has now been going viral.

Originally, Mehak had shared an Instagram story that read, “Half of my problems are because of my tone of my voice. Everyone thinks that I’m arguing while actually I’m just talking.” (sic).

Replying to her story, the boy wrote, “Mehak tu tuition mai aane wali mehak hi haina?” (sic).

Mehak was so impressed with the pick-up line that she shared it and wrote, “Hi, Hello is so mid ‘tu meri tuition me aane wali mehak hi haina.’ That’s how it’s done kids.” (sic)

After being shared online, her tweet has garnered over 69K views with hilarious comments from social media users.

“Took notes, might need this later. LOL,” commented a user while another user wrote, “After baspan ka pyar, here comes tuition ka pyar.” (sic)

Another user wrote, “Kinda feeling left out because main kabhi tuition hi nahin gaya ki yeh use karun.” (sic)

“Next level of starting conversation,” commented another user.