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Karwa Chauth - a very special day for Hindu married women is upon us. According to the Lunar calendar, Karwa Chauth falls on the fourth day of Krishna Paksha in the month of Kartik. On this day, married women in different parts of the country observe fast for their husband’s long life. The fast is quite tough as it includes refraining from even drinking water and is broken only after observing the moon in the evening.

But the question is while women are showing their devotion towards husbands by observing the fast all day long, what can husbands do to make their wives feel happy and special on this day.

Here is a short list of five things that you can do for your wife on Karwa Chauth:

Surprise her by preparing the ‘sargi thali’

Though traditionally, the Sargi thali is prepared by the mother-in-law, in today’s scenario when more and more families are going nuclear, women usually prepare their sargi thali themselves. If you live in a nuclear family too, this is the first thing you can do for your wife to make her feel special. You can prepare the Sargi thali by including a lot of fruits, nuts and dry fruits along with a roti or sabji or any favourite dish that your wife enjoys. You can also include Soot Feni in the thali, which is basically a vermicelli pudding made in milk and very easy to prepare.

Help her with household chores and take care of the kids

Overworking on the day of fast may affect your wife’s health, so you can help her with household work. After all, she is fasting for your long and healthy life and anyway, it’s as much your house as it is hers. This will definitely make your wife happy, and your efforts won’t go in vain. 

Don’t forget to gift her a little something

Don’t go home empty-handed on this day. Gift her something special. If you haven’t bought anything yet, buying a saree, a handbag or something that she needs would make a lovely gift. If this isn’t possible, write a beautiful handwritten letter appreciating your wife’s efforts and expressing your love for her. She will cherish that more than anything material.

Reach home early

Try to reach home early on Karwa Chauth. Your better half will really love this effort made by you and once you are home, both of you can celebrate and enjoy the festival together. 

Take her out for a dinner or prepare it

After a long day of fasting, preparing dinner could be tiresome. So, give her a  break from cooking duties and take her out to her favourite restaurant. Or order from her favourite restaurant. No matter which option you choose, you will make her feel cherished and loved.

The above-mentioned tips are small efforts that you can make for your wife this Karwa Chauth. And try to incorporate them on the other days as well. Taking small initiatives goes a long way in building a healthy and loving relationship.